96 Best-Sellers Bedding Plant Bundle – 24 each


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If you want vibrant displays to fill your baskets, beds and borders this summer then look no further that this superb collection of our top-performing, container-filling, sweet-smelling bedding plants! Specifically chosen to guarantee stunning floral displays, this collection includes favourites such as Surfinia Petunias, Rosebud Geraniums and the ever popular Begonia Apricot Shades. Plant varieties separately for a more formal look, perhaps in pots either side of a patio, or mix them up to create eye-catching displays in hanging baskets. As trailing varieties, each plant will cascade over the side of baskets and containers so are perfect in tall or elevated pots or baskets. This collection will bring a rainbow of colour to your garden with the warm shades of orange and red of the Begonia, to the beautiul rose-pink and purple of the Tumbelina Petunias. Flowering prolifically right through from early summer up until the first frosts of autumn, these bedding plants will stun for 6 months of the year and will happily put up with our unpredictable summer weather, but will need protection from the cold in the winter. For an all-encompassing collection of flowers to bring your garden to life this summer, this bedding bundle is a sure-fire winner! Collection includes; Surfinia Trailing Petunia x 24 Jumbo Plugs Double Rosebud Trailing Geraniums x 24 Jumbo Plugs Trailing Begonia Apricot Shades x 24 Jumbo Plugs Tumbelina Fragrant Trailing Petunia x 24 Jumbo Plugs