Wild Lilac – flowers


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Ravishing shades of purple With its exquisite variety of beautiful blooms, this bouquet is perfect for an extra special occasion such as a milestone birthday or anniversary. Exotic purple orchids and the pink-tipped petals of Maritim roses nestle alongside wilder garden favourites including purple clematis and rosemary, creating an arrangement that will take pride of place in the lucky recipient’s home. Our florists assemble this stunning bouquet by hand-tying the following flowers and foliage: 10 Maritim Roses 3 Purple Vanda Orchids 5 Lilac Spray Roses 7 Lilac Veronica 3 Purple Clematis 5 Rosemary Sprigs Greenbell foliage Like all our bouquets, ‘Wild Lilacs’ is created from freshly picked flowers and foliage so that its beauty lasts as long as possible. Add an extra touchWhy not make your gift one they can treasure forever by adding our elegant Hurricane or Beehive vase to your order? Just so you know… Some of the flowers in this arrangement may arrive with their buds closed up, but don’t worry – once they’re in the warmth of your loved one’s home they’ll soon open out into full bloom. Very occasionally, we may need to substitute some of the flowers or foliage used, but we’ll make sure your bouquet looks every bit as wonderful as you see in these photos.